CAIER Scientific Research: Impact of Production Factors on Biodiversity

Specialists from the Central Asian Institute for Environmental Studies (CAIER) conducted a large-scale scientific study to determine how the activities of manufacturing companies affect the biodiversity of the surrounding area.
During the year CAIER scientists conducted studies of atmospheric air, snow cover, noise and vibration measurements, surface and ground water, soil, radiological studies, vegetation, bird and animal surveys, and installation of camera traps at the project site of the Desertnoye field.
Samples of environmental objects were analyzed in the high-tech laboratory CAIER, based on the results of the study, the Institute developed recommendations for the preservation of biodiversity of the territory adjacent to the field.
The Central Asian Institute of Environmental Studies has a high-tech RnD laboratory capable of performing a wide range of environmental studies.
CAIER is staffed by leading specialists in ecology, ESG, geochemistry.