Seal is preparing for a big swim

A little more than three weeks have passed since the seal entered at our Center. Before that, it was severely exhausted, dehydrated and helpless. All this time we provided the necessary veterinary assistance. Thanks to this, the seal is noticeably progressing every day, gaining weight and getting ready for a big swim.

Now its weight is 14 kilograms. There is a positive dynamics in the development, after rehabilitation measures have allowed her to swim and fish independently, – said director of the Caspian seal research and rehabilitation center Adylkhan Tovassarov.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the founders of the “Friends of the Baltic Seal Foundation” Vyacheslav Alekseev and Elena Andrievskaya for their consulting assistance.

Recall that in November 2020, by the Decree Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Caspian seal Pusa caspica, an endemic species (inhabiting only in the Caspian Sea) and the smallest seal in the world, was added in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. At the same time, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has assigned it to the category “endangered species”. The Central Asian Institute for Environmental Research has led the struggle to include the country’s national heritage to the List of rare and endangered animals.

In 2019, the Saby Charitable Foundation together with the Central Asian Institute for Environmental Research under the leadership of Aselle Tasmagambetova, opened the Caspian seal research and rehabilitation center (CSRRC) in Aktau city. Its goal – restore the endemic population in the Kazakh part of the Caspian Sea.