An important event took place in the life of the Center today

An important event took place in the life of the Center today. The first information – new signs were installed on the embankment of the Aktau city (microdistricts 9A and 15), with the support of the regional and city’s government, a group of volunteers from among local residents and the League of Volunteers of the Mangystau region.
The aim of our work is to ensure awareness and wide enlightenment of the local population, non-governmental and state organizations about the problems of preserving the only marine animal in the Caspian Sea – the Caspian seal, listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, and what to do if you notice on the embankment or in the water the seal and its baby, what measures must be taken to ensure their safety and the safety of the animals washed ashore, where it is worth contacting so that the animal receives the necessary assistance and treatment.
Our call-center works around the clock. You can contact us by phone: + 7 775 101 1122, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram channels.
Also wanted to remind you that you can help the Center by making a donation on our official website.