Assessment of the current state of the Caspian Sea and the Caspian seal habitat analysis

Aselle I. Tasmagambetova1, Adylkhan D.Tovassarov1, Anne-Claire Bihan-Poudec2,Sharipa S. Bissariyeva1, Aslan B. Akberliyev1 1 Central Asian Institute for Ecological Research LLP, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2 Independent Center for investigation and Appraisal in organic Chemistry, Cuers, France Abstract. This article is devoted to the determination of heavy metals and harmful organic compounds in sea water – the habitat […]

Caspian seal considered for INCLUSION in the republic’s red book

The media drew attention to the widespread dieoff of seals on the Kazakhstan territory of the Caspian sea coast. The reaction of people who are not indifferent to this problem was swift. The Ministry of ecology, Geology and natural resources approved the inclusion of Caspian seals in the Red book of Kazakhstan. The initiative to […]